Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday, Random Sunday

I think my birthday celebrations are officially over. Over the course of this weekend, I had five gatherings of multiple people, two of which were actually in honor of the day of my birth and my birthday was celebrated at another two. I've had a lot of cake, some ice cream, an amazing chocolate silk pie (even better than the chocolate creme pie I remember getting at Bishops in the mall in Janesville, Wisconsin every time we went to visit my dad's family when I was growing up) and gotten to hang out with a lot of great people. I know I said it in my last post, but it still amazes me how much God has blessed me with the community that He has placed me in here.

All that said, as an introvert, having this much time hanging out with lots of people, especially the gatherings where I didn't know as many people, has worn me out. I enjoy getting to spend time with people, furthering relationships with those I don't know well and meeting new people. But it does take a bit out of me. I'm looking forward to getting back to work where I can put my headphones on, deal with people sparingly and database the day away. I'm not sure what it says that I'm looking forward to some intense databasing (since it is one of the more mundane tasks I'm involved with at work), but it's part of what I do and I figure looking forward to it is a good thing. Plus, I didn't get to listen to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me yesterday, so I'm looking forward to the podcast tomorrow.

I've got a crazy week this week. Multiple church events with the youth and the women's ministry, lots to do to finish getting ready for the mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico next week, work, eating, sleeping, time at the gym, not completely ignoring the cats, etc. I am so thankful that I've got an off-Friday this week or I don't think I'd be able to get everything done.

I'm having trouble finishing books at the moment (the title says "random", so here's some of the random stuff). I've started a couple of books.

Chris Kraft's autobiography about his work in the US space program, particually setting up and running mission control starting with the first few space launches, through the early part of the space shuttle program: Flight, My Life In Mission Control, a book my friend Mike mentioned on his blog which I could say I bought to see if my nephews might like it, but really I bought because it looked really cool to me: The Dangerous Book for Boys and a book that I'm reading as "homework" for the women's ministry leadership board at church: Women's Ministry in the Local Church. I think I'm supposed to have the first two chapters read by our meeting on Thursday. I've read about half the first chapter. None of these has been holding my interest recently. I'm not certain why, but I've been craving a good, fictional story. The rational part of my brain wants to finish these books before I get started with something else, especially since I plan to dive into the new Harry Potter book very soon after it comes out. But the other part of my brain just wants to a good yarn. Maybe it's because I'm not getting as much exposure to serialized television shows right now (although I am working through the first season of Angel and watching the reruns of Bones.) I don't know. It's not like I have don't have stack of books waiting for me to read them, and people offering to loan me more or regularly recommending other books I should read. Maybe I should just give in and pull something out of the "to be read" stack. But I just hate to be trying to read four books at the same time. On the other hand, I will be spending around 20 hours on a bus next week. So that should give me a couple of good chunks of time to get some reading done.

I'm also upset with Fox. They've twice now pulled the final two episodes of Drive from their schedule. I know there will be no resolution, since the show was mercilessly cancelled after airing only four episodes (over a span of just eight days. < Insert rant about the lack of wisdom of whoever's in charge of Fox network's programming. > < Insert sympathy rant from fellow Browncoats >). And I know they won't be tremendous telelvision. Maybe it's just my craving for more stores, but, I still want to see those final two episodes that have been shot.

And now, it's about time to finish getting ready for the morrow and head to bed. Another work week awaits with all of it's promises, challenges and responsibilities. But first, a time to rest...and maybe start another book.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I am so blessed to have great friends...people who are my family despite not actually being related to them. Two groups of people helped me celebrate my birthday today. They were laid back events, which is just fine with me. I'd rather just hang out with people than have a big spectacle that places a huge spotlight on me. I also mowed the lawn, hung out with some Browncoats and did some more shopping for craft supplies for the mission trip to Reynosa (for those keeping score at home, we leave a week from today). Also this weekend I saw Ratatouille (Great movie. Lots of fun. Who knew rats could be so cute? And "Lifted" the Pixar short before the movie was hilarious. Perhaps the best Pixar short I've seen. The studio should really release a DVD of all of the shorts collected together.). So, yeah, the weekend's only just over half over and I'm already pretty tired. Good thing it's bed time.